Hassle free car washing services at your doorstep...

We at Yocarz provide you one stop solution for all kind of car related problems. From servicing to cleaning; the list goes till your satisfaction meets.


Complete Car Detailing

We provide your car with an unmatchable detailing, both interiors and exteriors. But at Yocarz, it's not a hustle. Our team first checks every wee bit of your car before we go on to turn it marvellous. Yeah! You got us right. Everything about your car is treated as a rocket science here. Totally precise and utmost important.

Membership Plan

You're so welcome to join us being a member and avail all the way better care for your car. Glad to crack it to you, for the first time, we are launching monthly membership plan in car cleaning arena. Get 20 days of daily car wash at your doorstep. Just a little of the perks you get from us. No biggie there !!

24*7 Breakdown Assistance

With us, you are not alone when your car gives you a hard time. Trouble along the road? Flat tyre? Car won't start? We got your back there. All you need is to give us a call. Our trained mechanics will be more than happy to help you ASAP! Take our word for it, Yocarz 24*7 Road Assistance powered by CROSSROADS will be the only assisstance you need in all that roadside crisis.

About Yocarz

Founded in 2015, we strive hard to provide the best services to our customers. Our motto is to treat your car with utmost care. The all total Hi-Tech machines that we employ do their best in tuning your car; both from inside and outside.

Want amazing deals on car cleaning? At Yocarz, we land catchy prices for car spa on regular basis. Customers can regularly look for great offers and get their car cleaned, washed and refreshed at the minimum of prices and optimum in suitability.

Today there are a number of car care services available which one could pick easily without a thought. But here are more than one reasons for choosing Yocarz that you'll approve the most.

  • Eco-friendly Cleaning
  • Doorstep Service
  • Monthly Memberships
  • Road Assistance
  • Hi-Tech machines used
  • Experts Diagnostic
  • One Tap Booking
  • Online Payment
  • Pick 'N' Drop is totally on us. No bills on you.

Yocarz on Your Fingertips

Now, your all-in-one car care assistant is in your smartphone. Just a few taps away.

Hate uneasy bookings and awful modes of payments? No worries. Pay us by PayTM. Download Yocarz app from Google Playstore now.

  • Convenient & customized bookings.
  • Get our services in few clicks and taps.
  • Short on time? Booking takes less than 20 seconds.
  • 24x7 Customer Support

How it works


Pressure Wash

Your ride so much needs a regular and careful washing to retain its glossy look for years. A pressure wash sure does the job. It is the best way to do get things done as it removes mud, dust, grime, mould or anything that messes up with the lusture that is desirable on your car. With high end machines imported from Germany and Sweden, we pressure wash your car to give it a clean and shiny look.

Vacuum Cleaning

When it comes to cleanliness, the interior of car is something that can never be held back. We breathe in it: one good reason to keep it spot clean. Also, it is just soothing to have a refreshing aroma while driving around. We sort it out for you, with our detailed vaccum cleaning we assure you a car interior you've been wanting and waiting for. We do it carefully so you can be carefree.

Body Polish

In order to keep that ride of yours glistening, a nice polish is a must. Period! But there are a lot of varieties of polishes available in the market.. Right? Now it comes down to one thing, which polish to use? Also, how? Wipe that frown off your face now. Yocarz is here to do this for you. Just tell us about it. With our imported polishing agents, we will make your car look younger!

Engine Greasing

Now, how the car goes on is all on its engine. Engine is the heart of your car. The powerhouse that drives those wheels as long you desire. To keep it running, greasing is something you shouldn't underestimate. Engine lubrication system makes your car run smoothly without harsh noise. Looking for us? Yup! We're here. With our trained mechanics, we lubricate your car engine to its best.

Car Towing

As tough as it is to admit, one can never know when will the car need a tow. Now to be on the safer side it is always great to keep someone on your side to help you. Well we can tell for sure that we're here for you. Yocarz provides car towing services powered by Crossroads. These car towing services are available all over India. So next the time whenever you find your car in trouble, remember, we at Yocarz will be more than glad to help you out!


100% Secure Payments

Now pay for our services more conveniently. Go cashless and cardless. Try our payment method powered by PayTM which is 100% safe and secure. No worries. Just safe transactions.

24*7 Care

Have any queries? Call us anytime on ur toll free number and we will be happy to assist you. Our assistance stays available round the clock. 24 hrs a day. 7 days a week.

Eco-friendly Service

We employ the best possibe eco-friendly practices in all our car care services. With the minimal harm done to the environment, we ensure the best facilities to provide.

Happiness Guaranteed.

With all our services that we provide, we aim towards customer satisfaction. Choosing Yocarz is a promise of care and happiness.

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